Ostendo Technologies awarded $58.3M contract to develop holographic 3D displays

Carlsbad, CA—September 12, 2012—Ostendo Technologies was awarded a $58.3 million, 4-year contract on August 15, 2012 under the Synthetic Holographic Observation (SHO) Program. This research was funded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), through the Air Force Research Laboratory contract FA8650-12-C-7221.

The IARPA SHO Program addresses both practical constraints and performance requirements to enable natural, effective, and safe 3D visualization meeting the needs of analysts working with massive, dynamic 3D data. The program aims to deliver dynamic, high-performance, synthetic holographic 3D workstation display systems, simultaneously viewable by multiple people with the unaided eye, with very low power, no perceptual display artifacts, and no eye strain.

Ostendo's proprietary Quantum Photonic Imager (QPI®) device with its low power, very high resolution, brightness and fast response time enables a very high angular density full parallax light field display that promises to meet or exceed all the SHO program requirements. Ostendo will deliver the final prototype system to the Air Force by July 2016.

"This is the most significant affirmation of Ostendo's QPI® technology to date and a very important milestone for us" said Ostendo's Chairman and CEO, Dr. Hussein El-Ghoroury. "SHO program enabled by the QPI® technology will facilitate the delivery of the ultimate viewing experience for our intelligence community and will set the standard for future 3D displays."

"IARPA conducted a full and open global competition to identify the optimal approaches and teams capable of meeting the aggressive goals of the SHO Program," said Dr. Karl Roenigk, SHO Program Manager for IARPA. Dr. Roenigk further relates: "Ostendo's proposed approach demonstrates a deep grasp of the goals of the SHO Program as set forth in the IARPA Broad Agency Announcement (IARPA-BAA-11-06). SHO goals require extraordinary innovation in materials, optics, light sources and modulation, custom processors, power management, data movement, applications development, fabrication and systems integration. Ostendo's approach promises plausible innovation to meet and in some cases exceed the goals of the SHO Program, on an aggressive timeline. IARPA congratulates Ostendo on their award, while also appreciating the extraordinary challenges in scientific discovery, engineering and program management that lay ahead."

Dr. Darrel G. Hopper, AFRL Principal Electronics Engineer and Contracting Officer's Representative, said "The Ostendo novel development plan for a full-parallax hogel-based 3D display system envisions the integration of previously discrete electronic and optical functionalities via a new class of optoelectronic devices based on its several patented technologies. Air Force and DoD intelligence analysts and C2 operators have requested ultrahigh resolution holographic displays to increase productivity when working with 3D information from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems and fused data models."

About Ostendo Technologies

Ostendo develops next generation Solid State Lighting (SSL)-based display technologies and products for commercial and consumer markets with the objective to achieve significant efficiencies and cost effectiveness at the material, the device and the system levels. Ostendo's enabling technologies support products that are disruptive in their individual marketplaces.


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