Ostendo's projectors, in contrast, are roughly the size of Tic Tacs.
New Chip to Bring Holograms to Smartphones
by Evelyn M. Rusli, The Wall Street Journal
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[Ostendo] is taking technology to an entirely new level to give your phone or tablet both 3D and hologram capabilities.
Ostendo bringing realistic holograms to smartphones
Interview on Fox Business
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[The QPI] opens the possibility of chips small enough to be incorporated seamlessly into eyeglasses and other wearables, or to turn a car’s windshield into a heads-up display.
Forget touchscreens, 3D holographic displays are coming
by Tuan C. Nguyen, The Washington Post
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Web is going completely visual.
Holograms on Your Phone?
Interview on CNBC
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The QPI chip comes at a time when major tech companies are all in hot pursuit of virtual and hyper reality.
Your Smartphone And Sunglasses Could Soon Project Holograms
by Corinne Iozzio, The Smithsonian Magazine
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