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Senior Test System Engineer


Electrical Engineer  


ASIC Design Manager


Senior Optical Engineer


Diamond-turning Technician


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Video Processing / Compression Algorithm Engineer


Computer Vision Software Engineer





Semiconductor Process Metrology Engineer

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)



Job Description:

Ostendo Technologies is seeking an experienced metrology engineer to contribute to the refinement of its Quantum Photonic Imager (QPI®) microfabrication process.  Ostendo has demonstrated a fabrication process for leading-edge emissive microdisplays based on wafer-level processing of semiconductor and compound semiconductor materials.  This metrology engineer will perform material and device characterization, refine inspection procedures, perform data analysis, and train process staff in characterization tool use and data interpretation.  S/he will further support the company’s research and development efforts at its Nanotechnology Laboratory.  This position includes routine process characterization in a clean room processing environment, and requires strict adherence to clean room safety and cleanliness protocols.  This position requires demonstrated mastery with commercially available metrology tools including optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, thin film characterization tools, and atomic force microscopes. The metrology engineer will work with Ostendo’s semiconductor process engineers and scientists, develop work instructions, and implement best practices to ensure process stability while supporting continuous improvement efforts.  The successful candidate will be an essential team member for processing and bringing novel semiconductor photonic technology designs from early R&D stages to production and manufacturing in a total team effort.


The semiconductor manufacturing engineer duties include, but are not limited to:


·         Familiarizing self with Ostendo’s QPI R&D process flow and metrology tool set

·         Development of metrology process step instructions

·         Calibration of metrology tools

·         Characterization of QPI materials and devices

·         Interpretation and statistical analysis of metrology data

·         Training of new and current process team members in metrology tool use and inspection step execution

·         Identification of superior metrology tools and techniques to improve the quality of QPI devices

·         Coordination with third parties for limited metrology efforts using tools not currently possessed by Ostendo



Skills / Experience:

·         Minimum five years’ experience with wafer-scale metrology in a semiconductor processing environment

·         Strong understanding of scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, and optical thin film measurement techniques

·         Mastery of statistical analysis tools including JMP or Minitab

·         Able to keep detail process records and communicate results to team members and management

·         Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment

·         Excellent verbal, written, and electronic English communication skills

·         Must be a confident user of Microsoft Office and web browser software


Education Requirements:

·         College degree in Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, or Materials Science. Advanced degree Preferred.


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Semiconductor Process Engineer – CMP Focus

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)



Education Requirements:

Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, or related field. Advanced degree preferred.



Job Description:

The Semiconductor Process Engineer – CMP Focus will be responsible for sustaining and developing semiconductor planarization processes and associated equipment for glass, sapphire, compound semiconductor and silicon-based wafer processing.  This individual will be responsible for support of chemi-mechanical polishing (CMP) and wafer scrubbing processes within the Ostendo Nanotechnology Lab.  He or she will work closely with the Planarization Module Engineer to improve planarization of oxide, nitride, metal, and semiconductor surfaces in support of the demonstration of the Ostendo’s innovative microdisplay development.

This engineer must understand state-of-the-art polishing and wafer cleaning tools, consumables, chemistries, and metrology methods; be able to apply them to novel surfaces and structures; and work closely with the team’s engineers and technicians to ensure successful downstream processing and ultimately high device yield.  This position includes sustained hands-on development and process characterization responsibilities in the clean room processing environment.  The successful candidate will be an essential team member and bring novel semiconductor photonic technology designs from early R&D stages through to production and application.


Skills / Experience Requirements:

·         Minimum two years experience of semiconductor wafer processing with an emphasis on CMP and other planarization techniques

·         Understand the behavior of CMP slurries and pads/consumables is critical

·         Experience with grinding and lapping media, tools, and processes is beneficial

·         Have extensive expertise in metrology tools that are related to planarization processes, including but not limited to wafer shape measurement tools, thin film measurement tools, electron microscopes with energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, and atomic force microscopes

·         Understand planarization tools and be able to identify and mitigate sources of tool/process drift

·         Understand wafer scrubbing and cleaning tools and technologies and the influence the chemicals and tools have on materials processed at semiconductor lab.

·         Be familiar with DOE design, data interpretation, statistical process control, and yield improvement methods

·         Be able to develop new processes independently, as well as in collaboration with other engineers and technicians

·         Strong English verbal, written, and electronic communication skills

·         Strong computer skills, including office software and data analysis software

·         This role requires the candidate to occasionally lift up to 100 lbs


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Senior Test System Engineer

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Are you a talented and highly motivated engineer looking for a challenging opportunity to work on the latest display technology in the hot AR segment?  If so, Ostendo Technologies Inc. would like to connect today.


We are looking for a Senior Test System Engineer to develop test systems for display components and systems.  This individual will be responsible for creating solutions to test LED based micro-display systems utilizing their leadership, technical and interpersonal skills.  In addition to having deep knowledge of test equipment automation, the successful candidate is a self-starter and team player with the ability to fully satisfy their customers while working in a dynamic environment.



Primary Job Responsibilities:

·         Lead team in developing, integrating and deploying display test systems. Systems cover a wide range of disciplines (optical, mechanical, electrical and software), and product lifecycle stages (R&D, characterization, semiconductor component manufacturing, component level and end system product).

·         Own test system systems engineering, architecture, test equipment sourcing, and project management

·         Individually contribute to portions of test system electrical and/or SW design

·         Support display component and test system continuous improvement through data analysis of test results and component failure analysis.



Minimum Job Requirements:

·         7+ yrs experience working in a leadership role on test system development

·         Development of automated test equipment using off the shelf (eg source meters, cameras, pulse generators, switch matrix, etc.) and custom interface components. 

·         Experience with full test equipment development cycle:  requirements, architecture, design, integration, verification, deployment

·         Analytical nature, problem solver.  Ability to analyze a problem, develop solutions, plan implementation and execute.

·         Design expertise in an engineering discipline.  Electrical or software preferred.

·         Cross functional system engineering experience including optics and mechanical systems

·         Experience with troubleshooting die and board level failures and FA of same

·         Bachelors of Science degree in Engineering.  Masters EE or CS preferred.


Additional Preferred Skills:

·         Experience with display and optical systems design, analysis and test

·         Statistical data analysis (e.g., JMP), Statistical process control

·         Experience using semiconductor wafer probe systems.  Ability to learn and dexterity to manually probe die and wafers.

·         Experience implementing system using various interface standards:  UART, IEEE488, RS485, MIPI, USB, HDMI, etc

·         Database, embedded and web based applications development skills

·         Software – C, C++, C#, MS Visual studio

·         Electrical – circuit design, FPGA, VHDL, Verilog

·         Experience working in a semiconductor fabrication facility and with post wafer processes (coring, solder bumping, dicing, testing, bonding)



·         Ostendo Technologies Inc. develops and markets displays based on LED technology and is located in beautiful Carlsbad, CA north of San Diego.


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Electrical Engineer

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Job Description:

Ostendo is seeking a self-motivated individual to fill the position of Electrical Engineer with emphasis in power design. This individual will be responsible for PCB circuit designs, and evaluation and optimization of power circuits. The successful candidate will be a team member for developing power circuits from early R&D stages to production and manufacturing.



Skills /Experience Requirements:

·         Minimum seven years of industry experience

·         Circuit design at the PCB / flex level (block diagrams, schematic, component selection, BOM, etc.) based on architectural level designs and specifications

·         PCB layout skills

·         Skilled in the design of solar power inverters, and large current power circuits. Should be able to execute highly power efficient designs.

·         Preferred experience in design of switching power supply inductors and transformers.

·         System architecture design and specification based on customer requirements

·         Able to develop and implement test plans for prototype products

·         Bench level testing and debugging (skilled in use of test equipment: logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, programmable power supplies, power analyzers, etc.)

·         Self motivated and requires minimum supervision

·         Ability to work both independently and in a design team environment

·         Good documentation skills: design reports, test reports, plans, procedures, design reviews

·         Good verbal and written communication skills for communicating ideas, methodologies, results, and proposals


Education Requirements:  B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering; M.S. degree is preferred



Location: City of Carlsbad    San Diego County



Company: Ostendo Technologies is a developer of display systems.



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ASIC Design Manager

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Job Description / Responsibilities:


Ostendo is seeking an experienced ASIC design manager to join the ASIC design team. She/he will develop and implement hardware designs from specifications into complex custom ASICs. The candidate will have technical management experience of leading ASIC engineers as well as hands-on experience designing ASICs. He/she will manage and do implementation of block level RTL, integration of blocks into full top-level (ASIC) RTL, logic synthesis, timing analysis (STA) and formal verification. She/he will also oversee and perform block level verification on test bench, build reference models, and perform test case development. He/she will also be involved in the floor planning, design budget partitioning, silicon validation, silicon bring-up, and characterization of the product. The candidate will participate in planning and execution of ASIC department designs and test activities with other ASIC managers, and report to the ASIC engineering director.



Skills / Experience:


·         Proficiency in front end digital design tools and methodologies

·         Good experience with processor design

·         Experience in high level RTL VHDL coding / validation using simulators (e.g. Questa)

·         Design knowledge of IO interfaces (e.g. I2C, SPI, USB, etc.)

·         Interface design knowledge  (i.e. MIPI, MHL, HDMI)

·         Experience with embedded processors, DSP, graphics microprocessors

·         Experience with IP selection and 3rd party IP vendors

·         Ability to perform mixed language simulation (Verilog and VHDL)

·         Experience in Verilog, System Verilog, VHDL,  and scripting languages (e.g. Perl)

·         Experience with semiconductor foundries and EDA tools vendors is a plus.

Education Requirements:

·         M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science, or equivalent work experience

Experience Requirements:

·         A least 5 years managing a team of ASIC engineers

·         A minimum of 10 years of ASIC and FPGA experience with a track record from product conceptualization to characterization.

Location:  City of Carlsbad    San Diego County, CA

Company:  Ostendo Technologies is a developer of display systems.


Email resume/CV and cover letter to:






Senior Optical Engineer

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Position / Job Description:


Ostendo Technologies, Inc. is seeking a self-motivated individual to fill the position of Senior Optical Engineer. This individual will be responsible for design and development of precision micro array optics and display optics. Responsibilities include a variety of engineering tasks, such as optical sequential and non-sequential ray tracing, FDTD analysis, and developing, testing, analyzing, troubleshooting and implementing solutions to Ostendo’s display-related optics. The Senior Optical Engineer will create and evaluate optical designs to meet requirements. The successful candidate will be an essential team member of optical engineering group and provide technical skills to support product development from early R&D stage to manufacturing.





Minimum MS in Optical Engineering, Physics or equivalent field with more than 5 years of related industry experience. PhD preferred.

Position Requirements:

·         In-depth knowledge of optical engineering principles.

·         Ability to design waveguide optics for imaging.

·         Experience with designing virtual image optical systems.

·         Understands the principles of 3D Imaging.

·         Good at optical simulation tools such as FRED, ASAP, and Zemax.

·         Good at FDTD analysis with tools such as Lumerical FDTD simulation software.

·         Experience in Matlab, wafer level optics design, and fabrication is a plus.

·         Ability to work either independently or as part of a development team.

·         Self-motivated and able to work in a fast-moving high-tech environment.

·         Excellent communications skills – written, verbal and presentation. 

·         Analytical problem solving skills. Able to translate, statistically analyze data, and effectively report problems through written and/or graphical formats.

·         Computer literacy using MS Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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Diamond-turning Technician

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Job Duties:


Ostendo Technologies is seeking a self-motivated individual to fill the position of Diamond-turning Technician. This individual will be responsible for the set-up, programming/editing, and operation of ultra-precision Diamond Turning/Micromilling machines. Responsibilities will also include routinely monitoring machine performance and improving cutting quality. Knowledge of aspheric measurement and testing methods using Interferometers and Talysurf will be required. Design of a fixture to perform diamond turning of special parts will be part of the job responsibilities.



·         Minimum 7 years experience setting up and operating CNC machines.

·         Experience in cutting optical surfaces is required.

·         Awareness of cutting tool technologies, use of inserts, and fixtures required will be a great plus.

·         Experience and understanding of measurement and inspection tools.

·         General computer skills

·         Familiar with G code, M code.

·         Experience with Freeform surface generation and measurement.

·         Familiarity of using SolidWorks or CAD software to generate required drawings will be a plus.

·         Must be able to work independently as well as work in a team environment.




Associate or College degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field.



Email resume/CV and cover letter to:






Mechanical Engineer (Opto-mechanical experience)

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Job Description:


Ostendo Technologies is seeking a highly motivated mechanical engineer that can work in a collaborative, fast-paced work environment with qualifications and extensive experience in product development. This individual will be responsible for the design, proof-of-concept prototyping, and development of Ostendo’s innovative products.


Position Requirements:

·         5-10 years experience in mechanical product development with an emphasis in mounting all types of optical systems.

·         Demonstrated ability to model opto-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems analytically and to generate engineering/manufacturing specifications.

·         Direct experience applying classic mathematical motion calculations of rigid-body and multi-DOF dynamic mechanisms.

·         Demonstrated experience in experimentation and analysis of multi-axis harmonically-excited mechanical systems.

·         Understanding of sub-millimeter physics governing dynamic mechanical systems.

·         Demonstrated experience using MATLAB® for numeric analysis.

·         CAD experience in SolidWorks®.

·         Opto-Mechanical system design experience including:

§  Lens design from surface input

§  Optical system tolerance

§  Diamond turning / Injection molding of mechanical & Optical parts

§  Overall understanding of optical systems

§  Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

·         Excellent understanding of material properties and their applications in dynamic systems.

·         Experience with industrial prototype fabrication and volume production processes.

·         Demonstrated experience in analytical and experimental characterization of design performance and uncertainty analysis. 

·         Direct experience working through multiple phases of product development and manufacturing.


Minimum B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Advanced degree preferred.


Email resume/CV and cover letter to:





Electrical System Packaging Engineer

(Carlsbad, CA)

Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)

Role: Electrical System Packaging Engineer


Job Description:

Ostendo is seeking a self-motivated individual to fill the position of Electrical System Packaging Engineer. This individual will be responsible for PCB and flex circuit designs, component qualification and selection, and bench testing and validation of prototype designs in the lab. The successful candidate will participate in multidisciplinary research in the design, development, testing and utilization of information processing hardware and/or electrical components, mechanisms, materials, circuitry, processes, and packaging of consumer products. Individuals must have experience with system packaging for electronics that require minimal power, very small volume, and miniature components. The candidate must have experience working closely with technical groups such as ASIC and electrical design, mechanical engineering, thermal design, optics, and manufacturing engineering. Experience with cell phone or similar consumer products is highly desirable.

Skills / Experience Requirements:

·         6+ years of industry experience with the board design process in mobile hardware design area. Proven experience in design of small form factor boards, with sensor components is highly desired. Power and performance considerations relevant to product design are required.

·         Understanding of standard bus protocols such as MIPI, MHL, HDMI, memory bus, etc.

·         Familiar with standard processes for optimizing BOM costs, scope/risk assessment, and feature review.

·         Key process platforms include die and wire bonding, and precision pick & place

·         Review electrical aspects and influence key decisions towards an efficient minimized form factor.

·         Circuit design at the PCB / flex level (block diagrams, schematic, component selection, BOM, etc.) based on architectural level designs and specifications

·         PCB / flex layout skills

·         Able to develop and implement test plans for prototype products

·         Preferably should have skills in bench level testing and debugging (using test equipment such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, programmable power supplies, etc.)

·         Self motivated and requires minimum supervision

·         Ability to work both independently and in a design team environment

·         Documentation skills: design & test reports / plans / procedures / design reviews

·         Strong verbal and written communication skills for sharing ideas, methodologies, results, and proposals. Demonstrated ability to communicate at various levels of abstraction (concept to details).


Education Requirements:

B.S. degree (M.S. degree is preferred) in Electrical Engineering / Electronic Engineering / Computer Engineering or equivalent



City of Carlsbad    San Diego County



Ostendo Technologies is a developer of display systems.




Email resume/CV and cover letter to:






Video Processing / Compression Algorithm Engineer

(Carlsbad, CA)


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)


Role: Video Processing / Compression Algorithm Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for a Video Processing and Compression Algorithm Engineer to a join a team developing algorithms and software for next generation light field displays.

Essential Job Functions include but are not limited to:

·         Design and develop algorithms for next generation video coding technologies and standards. Considerable focus will be placed on multi-view 3D video technologies.

·         Participate in creation of applications level software and/or embedded signal processing software and/or prototype hardware or related firmware that are efficient, modular, well documented, bug free and understandable by others skilled in the art.

·         Participate in the process of creating detailed product requirements from high level objectives.


Desired Skills & Experience

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·         Proven record of algorithm development in the area of video compression with evidence of high-quality research results through publications, granted patents or standardization contributions.

·         Thorough background in digital image processing theory, including spatial and temporal representations, image/video coding technologies and standards, multi-view 3D video understanding, color theory, and digital filter design.

·         In depth knowledge of massively parallel programming concepts and prior experience with parallel implementation of encoders and decoders.

·         Knowledge of quantitatively assessing hardware implementation requirements of algorithms.

·         Mastery of the relevant multimedia compression formats such as JPEG2000, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, SVC, MVC, as well as of the HEVC video coding standard and its extensions. Hands on experience with transform design, entropy coding, motion estimation, mode decision techniques, rate control and quantization.

·         Proficiency in C++ and/or C programming in Windows/Linux

·         Knowledge of graphics programming concepts

·         Strong problem-solving and design skills

·         Experience developing commercial software

·         Excellent written, and verbal communication skills

Nice To Have:

·         Prior work with light field images, compression for multi-view displays, or FTV

·         Understanding of Compressed Sensing concepts

·         OpenGL, Direct3D 10 or 11 experience.

·         GPGPU/HLSL/CUDA programming

·         Experience with advanced pre- and post-processing algorithms for image and/or video applications.

·         Understanding of advanced display technologies and related processing.

·         Knowledge of applied mathematics and numerical techniques.

·         Proficiency in Matlab and/or similar numerical computing environments/tools.

·         SIMD and code optimization.



·         Ph.D. or M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science required. 2+ years of relevant industrial experience preferred.

·         Minimum 8 years programming experience required.


About Ostendo

Ostendo develops next generation Solid State Lighting (SSL)-based display technologies and products for commercial and consumer markets with the objective to achieve efficiencies and cost effectiveness at the material, the device and the system levels. Ostendo's enabling technologies support products that are disruptive in their individual marketplaces.



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Computer Vision Software Engineer


Compensation: Competitive, with benefits (Health/Dental/401K)


Role: Computer Vision Software Engineer



Job Description


Ostendo Technologies is seeking a Computer Vision Software Engineer to a join a team developing algorithms and software for light field data acquisition, compression and display.


·         Participate in the software development for light field data acquisition, compression and image processing.

·         Develop and implement computer vision algorithms that apply to imagery and video.

·         Develop robust software for integrating multiple sensors and tracking systems.

·         Prototype hardware and software solutions for tracking, detection and modeling.

·         Develop techniques and algorithms for object detection and recognition.

·         Implement and evaluate existing 3D reconstruction methods.





·        Demonstrated record of successful deliverables of research projects or commercial products in image and video compression and related areas such as, video processing, image enhancement, and color science.

·        Comprehensive knowledge and experience in computer vision including experience in algorithm development.

·        Ability and inclination to innovate, to think out-of-box, and to create uncharted solutions.

·        Hands-on experience with object detection, tracking, and optical flow

·        Hands-on experience with OpenCV

·        Practical knowledge of machine learning, Bayesian filtering, information theory, and 3D geometry

·        Experience with one or more higher-level programming languages such as C/C++, Java, or Python.

·        Experience with one or more scientific analysis and prototyping environments such as MATLAB or the SciPy Stack.

·        Familiarity with GPU computing (CUDA, OpenCL, DirectCompute)

·        Familiarity with computer vision APIs (OpenCV , OpenVX)





Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Software Engineering, Master degree with 5 year work experience will also be considered.





Ph.D. with 0-2 yrs minimum experience, Master Degree with 5 yrs minimum experience



Email resume/CV and cover letter to: